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Stun Guns
Stun Gun Laws
Stun Master - 100,000 - 300,000 volt
Stun Master - 625,000 volt
Stun Master - 775,000 volt
Stun Batons - 300,000 - 500,000 volt
Telescopic Stun Baton - 8000,000 volt
Z-Force - 100,000 - 300,000 volt
Stun/Alarm Flashlights
Runt Stun Gun - 350,000 - 950,000volt
Hot Shot - 975,000 volt
Talon Mini - 80,000 volt stun gun
Cell Phone Stun Guns
Double Trouble Stun Gun
Knuckle Blaster Stun Gun

Personal Alarms
Mace Screecer Alarm
Mace Alarm & Flashlight
130db Alarm w/ door Alarm
125db Alarm with Flashlight
Electronic Pocket Whistle
Door Stop Alarm
2 n 1 Personal & Burglar Alarm
130db Alarm with Flashlight
Nap Zapper Alarm

Pepper Sprays
Pepper Spray Laws & Restrictions
Pepper Shot 1/2 oz.
Pepper shot 2 & 4 oz.
Pepper Shot Tri-Pack
Widefire 18% Pepper Spray
Pepper Pen
Lipstick Pepper Spray
Pepper Spray Booklet

Mace Defensive Sprays
Mace Pepper Spray
Mace Pepper Foam
Michigan Approved Sprays
Mace Triple Action Spray
Mace Leatherette Keychain Spray
Mace Hard Case Keychain Spray
Mace Pepper Batons
Mace Pepper Gel
Mace Hot Walkers
Mace Pepper Gun

Child Safety
Child Guard Monitor
Kinder-Guard Home Safety Kit

Home Protection
Motion Alarm with KeyPad
Voice Alert Driveway/Home Alarm
Electronic Barking Dog
Mini Alert PIR Alarm
Window Glass Break Alarm
Magnetic Door/Window Alarm
Door Braces
Telespy Intruder Alert
Sliding Glass Door Alarm
Pool Alarm
Auto Dialer Security Alarm
Mace Wireless Home Security Alarm

Safety Lights
Cell Phone Flash-Lite
7-Function Led Flasher Light
Pet Safety Lights
Emergency Flashlight Auto Tool
Bicycle Safety Lights

Animal Repellants
Electronic Dog Repellent
Mace Canine Repellent
Bear Spray

Hand Held Metal Detectors
Pro-Scan Security Scanner
Garrett Super Scanner

Defensive Weapons
Telescopic Steel Batons


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Diversions Safes
Beer & Soda Safes
Wall Socket Safe
Flowerpot Safe
Book Safe
House Whole Products Safes
Stone Safe
Peanut Butter Safe
Salad Dressing Safe
Saltshaker Safe
Dried Soup Safe

Spy & Surveillance
Digital Surveillance Camera
Telephone/Voice Recorders
Telephone Voice Changers

Miscellaneous Fun Stuff
Instructional Fighting DVD’s

Safety Tips
Personal Safety
Home Safety
Identity Theft
Vehicle Safety
Internet Safety
Internet Safety for Children
Internet Safety for Teens
Safety for Seniors