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Instructional Self Defense Fighting DVDs

Instructional Fighting DVD's on unconventional fighting methods designed to teach you how to not only level the playing field but to give you a distinct advantage in any violent situation where your safety or the safety of a loved one is on the line. These are amazing videos and fun to watch.


Shipping is FREE (Continental USA orders only) if you order a minimum of $75.00 from our web site. Otherwise we will add $8.50 shipping and handling.


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DVD Secrets of Disarmament
Secrets of Gun, Knife & Club Disarmament

Combative Tactics DVD
Advanced Combative Tactics

SMALL Man's Advantage DVD
Small Man’s Advantage

Be The Body Guard

Combat Karate DVD
American Combat Karate

Gladiator Flighting
Gladiator Flighting

Cage Fighting DVD
Secrets of Cage Fighting

Delta Seal Camp DVD
Delta Seal Camp

Headbustin Secrets DVD
Brutal Headbustin Secrets

Unarmed Combat DVD
Unarmed Combat Course

Indian Fighting DVD
Indian Fighting Skills

Combat J.K.D DVD
Combat J.K.D

Israeli Connection DVD
Israeli Connection

Street Smarts DVD
Fast & Furious Street Smarts

Russian Fighting System DVD
Russian Fighting System

Rapid Assult Tactics DVD
R.A.T Fighting System

Fight to Win DVD
Fight to Win

Fighting Mindset DVD
Fighting Mindset

Street Safe DVD
Street Safe

Live-or-Die How to Survive


Striking Close Combat Instructions


Change the Odds in Your Favor


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