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How to Survive DVD

How To Survive
The Most Critical 5
Seconds Of Your Life!”

Imagine this...its 1:17AM, the end of a 19-hour marathon day with your boss. Walking to your car is a blur as your only thought is getting home. Fumbling with the keys in that darkened lot, you’re startled by the searing pain of a gun barrel jabbed in your ribs. "Gimme your wallet and don’t turn around!" he snarls. What you do the NEXT 5 SECONDS... determines whether you put this thug down or he takes your wallet, your car, and perhaps...even your life!


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Unlike the movies, criminal violence often ends in seconds. There’s no time to search the rag-tag collection of techniques inside your brain for the answer. The solution: mastering a PRINCIPLES-based program that works across all types of violence regardless of your experience or your age, size, speed, strength, sex or athletic ability. One program, Target-Focus Training (TFT), does this. Modeled on actual criminal violence, it’s guaranteed to give you the advantage in any violent assault. Creator Tim Larkin, a Naval SpecOps intelligence officer and master Close-Combat Instructor, has trained more than 5,430 military, law enforcement and civilian clients in TFT. It’s guaranteed to work every single time regardless of the situation (it had to or good men would have lost their lives). This stuff was best learned at a live training. But these are expensive ($1497) and infrequent. Now a DVD series, "How To Survive The Most Critical 5 Seconds Of Your Life," lets you master this same information from the comfort of your home. A full 17 hours of instruction, it’s the best of not 1 but 3 separate live TFT training seminars. You get everything needed to handle a vicious street punk right now, not in months or years when someone thinks you’re ready. This includes learning to take his life if it means saving yours or a loved one’s. Because nothing you’ll see is based on athletic ability (just gross motor skills you already have) you learn quickly, right from the DVD (even without practicing). Since it’s based on movements you’ve done all your life (like swimming or riding a bike) once you master it, it’s always there... even if you NEVER it practice again! Something no martial art or combat sport offers. Covers hand-to-hand/hand-to-weapon fighting (he’s got the gun or knife, you have nothing), striking (hitting with 3.5X your bodyweight), targeting, leverage, multiple attackers and much more. Plus other aspects of confrontation like recognizing social vs asocial violence and dealing with fear (TFT won’t make you fearless; nothing can since it’s hardwired into you. What it uniquely shows is how “targeting” let’s you act IN SPITE of your fear)! This product is 100%-guaranteed for 365 days! Watch it, then review as needed. After mastering the material, there’s nothing more you need. You’ll walk with a confidence, and inner power, you’ve never experienced before, knowing you CAN handle any situation --something no gun or knife can give you. You have the edge now, something no one can take from you. And guys: it doesn’t hurt that women find your new quiet inner confidence incredibly attractive!

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