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American Combat Karate

Created specifically for American fighters
like you by the decorated U.S. Special Forces
combat expert, Dale Comstock.


Shipping is FREE (Continental USA orders only) if you order a minimum of $75.00 from our web site. Otherwise we will add $8.50 shipping and handling.


Take the world's best streetfighters (almost all of them Americans)... combined with the most feared spec op soldiers (ALL of them American)... mix in some good old U.S.A.-style boxing, a little grappling, and a LOT of dirty tricks... then filter it all through the most RESPECTED American combat veteran to ever train civilians... and you've got a brutal, lethal and unbelievably effective fighting system that will change your life literally overnight! Just one short hour with this genuine combat hero will prove it...

It's just killer fighting information.

Here's the details: As you know, Dale Comstock is one of the most unique Spec Op soldiers in U.S. military history. He's been in 8 major (and very bloody) combat missions-- and that's 7 more than almost 99% of the rest of the Spec Op world.

Dale has moved from the paratroopers, to Delta Force, to the Green Berets - anywhere he could guarantee being

...the "First In" Combat Unit
During Every Recent "Hot Duty" Hostile Action!

Did you see this guy's war record? Desert Storm, Grenada, secret missions in Africa, Central America, the Middle East. Master sergeant in multiple units. Earned the Bronze Star, with that special "V" for valor (which translates to heroism under combat conditions). We lost count after reading about another dozen high-profile medals and combat awards.

That story about leading long-range "deep" reconnaissance scouts 30 clicks behind enemy lines in Grenada and those "A" Team Spec Op guerilla missions in Africa. We can't believe Hollywood hasn't grabbed his story yet.

THIS is the guy we want to train with. Twenty-eight years mastery in different styles of hand-to-hand including shoot fighting, boxing, karate, kick boxing, and all those years learning "speed-grappling" with the Gracie. He's been in over 211 street fights, plus a dozen professional boxing matches as a 164-pound "light middle weight"... as a hobby .

Dale puts his face where his mouth is, that's for sure. (How about that huge jerk with 8 black belts Dale pummeled a while ago? That ought to prove once and for all those fancy dojo talents aren't worth a thing against this kind of simple street-combat savvy. We hear Mr. 8 Black Belts is still in shock, still recovering from the beating.)

Dale calls this new style -

"American Combat Karate!"

This "instant domination" training really fits with the way Americans think. A little boxing, a little grappling, lots of pure streetfighting smarts and the simplest "menu" of end-the-fight-fast moves I've ever seen.

He's taught over 700 students under secretive conditions, including tons of women and kids. That's great. Proves you don't need strength or size to master this stuff. And the SWAT and military guys he trains come back to thank him, tears in their eyes, for saving their lives with his teachings.

And you learn it all so FAST. It's all about leverage, which is simple to learn. I am a changed man after just one viewing of his training tape. That's all it took. This is perfect - and extremely nasty - training for anyone who doesn't have much time (all you need, really, is an hour or so to "get" it) and needs to be 100% positive these moves will work in the real world.

It's like this secret "short cut" to becoming a truly dangerous fighter. Using only a few proven moves that have been tested, over and over, in real life-threatening combat.

American Combat Karate. That explains it, all right. Did you know most really good pro boxers cannot even bench-press their own weight? They don't need to be strong - because great punches come from your feet and the torque in your waist.

That's how Dale has

Women And Kids Trained To Slaughter Bigger Men
In Just One Or Two Seconds!

This is the best - and certainly the simplest - training. You can learn devastating moves that will make you invulnerable against a larger opponent and learn them in just a short afternoon of watching Dale's training tapes. Look, the entire package is a lot longer, but the meat of what you'll learn... the stuff that's really going to make you a truly dangerous fighter... will only take you about ONE HOUR to learn.

During that one intensive hour, Dale's going to teach you:

  • exact "condensed fundamentals" that Delta Force soldiers demand before facing combat. "Condensed" means there are NO complex moves, NO boring practice required... yet it's still the most lethally dangerous skills a fighter can know.
  • How to throw a devastating punch just like a top-ranked American boxer... which will instantly stun anyone who thought you were "easy pickings".
  • A complete target map of the body's "pain-rich" centers that allows you to take down an opponent twice your size, weight and strength.
  • How to instantly humiliate anyone who dares put his hands around your neck. This single amazingly simple move will have you quickly behind your opponent and suddenly able to dominate him with ease.
  • The unique "collar choke" that gives you the power to knock anyone out cold in seconds.
  • A multitude of other simple but devastating choke holds invented by combat soldiers to stop any attacker in his tracks -- instantly .
  • The secret combat punch, more devastating than a sledge hammer.
  • An incredibly simple "roll-out" release that will have you out of the dreaded front head-lock (where every street fight ends up at some point), in seconds. This handy little trick will get you on-top and in control every time .
  • Instant release techniques that will force your opponent to his knees... blinded with pain ... no matter what kind of ironclad grip he thinks he has.
  • How a light touch on the right spot will break even a huge man's jaw like a piece of peanut brittle.
  • Multiple "dirty tricks" that allow you take quick advantage of the biggest mistake most thugs make when "bear-hugging" you from behind.
  • Astonishingly effective submission moves that Spec Op soldiers use in combat when there's NO help around.
  • And tons more!




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