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Advanced Combative Tactics

"Used by Spec Op soldiers for instant confidence…"

Why Are U.S. Special Forces Combat
Experts So Thrilled With This
Little Martial Arts “Lab-Geek”?


Shipping is FREE (Continental USA orders only) if you order a minimum of $75.00 from our web site. Otherwise we will add $8.50 shipping and handling.


Why? Because His Incredible New Discovery Is The Astonishing Scientific KEY To Easily Defeating Larger… More Aggressive Opponents… Even Multiple Attackers… Without ANY Fancy Kicks, Punches or Strikes!

This New Cutting-Edge "ACT" System Virtually Eliminates aralyzing Brain-Freeze… Allowing You to "Tap Into" Your Body's Own Brutal… Vicious… And Devastatingly-Effective "Natural" Fighting Instincts -- No Matter What Your Size or Skill Level!

At first I didn't believe it either. A martial arts "lab geek" developing a devastating new scientific fight system. Natural. Easy-to-learn. No complex kicks or punches. Bypasses the part of the brain that causes "freeze-up". Sounded way too good to be true.

And I can say that this ACT system is nothing short of astonishing. It's based on simple… "natural"… and easy-to-learn strategies already "hardwired" into the instincts of the human body. That's why it took a martial artist who studied biology in college to figure this out.

The military loves it because what Shannon Stallard discovered in the biology lab has created a new way to quickly train men to fight like wild animals. No… not crazy and "loose", but extremely focused… brutal… even deadly. Like a lion, who can bypass the "fear factor" and get the job done in a split second of violence.

That's what got the Spec Op trainers interested. Because the world has changed — even the advanced fighting systems of five years ago are "old hat" in the field. They demand the most cutting edge stuff. And -- like this ACT system — it must be PROVEN.

That's why this is such a hot deal for you -- almost NO civilian has access to these secrets right now. Shannon agreed to share it with us ONLY because of my inside connections and stellar reputation among U.S. Special Forces "insiders".

Now if Spec Op soldiers use this everyday to save their lives in the "hot-combat" zones of Iraq and Afghanistan…

You Can Bet This Will
Work For You!

Here's what's happening: Shannon Stallard is a "little" guy — he's maybe 5'9" 180-pounds — and he doesn't mind one bit being called a biology "lab geek". In fact he was so fascinated with how the human body and brain functioned that his college biology professor actually hired him on staff.

But what really surprised Shannon's fellow biology geeks was that…

Shannon Is Also
One Of The Most Respected
Martial Artists On The Planet!

His credentials are MORE than impressive. He studied martial arts for 27-years -- (since he was 6-years-old)… trained in Tae Kwon Do (at the famous Jhoon Ree centers)… studied Kempo Karate… trained in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for 10 years… 14 years of hard-core teaching experience… head instructor of the nationally acclaimed Gangbusters program… earned black belts in Japanese Shorin Rue Karate, Sekie Rue Jiu-Jitsu, and Tagakure Rue Ninjitsu… earned a 3rd Dan in Korean Hwarang-do (used for training Special Forces and Navy SEALs)… and on and on… and on!

I could go on for another 20 pages about Shannon's martial arts credentials. No kidding!

Then Shannon did something that stunned the martial-arts world: He expertly combined his unique skills -- his vast knowledge of biology… how the human brain functions under stress… and his astonishing martial arts accomplishments…

To Create One Of The Most Effective
New Natural Fighting Systems Ever!

This ACT program was specifically developed to address the "dirty little secret" that Shannon observed in nearly ALL martial "arts". That is -- martial arts techniques are simply way too complex and just cannot hold-up under the stresses of "real-world" fighting.

The main problem — "brain freeze". No… not a Slurpy headache.

What I mean is this: When the $h!@ hits the fan -- when you're under sudden attack — instantly overcome with shock, fear and adrenaline -- it doesn't matter one little bit what color "belts" you've earned… how many pine boards you can break in half… or the number of flying sidekicks you've perfected. Nope. Your brain will still FREEZE up like cherry popsicle… all your techniques will fly out the window… and you'll suddenly find yourself at the mercy of your attacker. Welcome to biology 101.

The U.S. Special Forces know this through brutal combat experience — and they've done something about it. Now it's time YOU to do something about it.

Because without the principles behind ACT — street thugs looking for easy money… or your car… or your wife -- will get what they want -- even if you've got multiple black belts. They're simply not going to give you the time to clear your head… prepare your silly stance… then abide by your special fighting "rules".

That Kinda Bull
Only Happens In Hollywood.

Now Shannon will be the first to tell you — let these punks have your wallet. Gladly hand over your car keys. Heck… open the car door for them. This stuff can be replaced. He's not teaching you the secrets to becoming a feared and dangerous fighter so you can hang onto your wallet. No.

But when it comes to friends, girlfriends, wives, kids… well that's EXACTLY why he's doing this. And believe me, if you freeze up like a deer-in-the-headlights at that critical moment -- when family and friends are depending on you most -- all is lost my friend. Your life will never be the same.

That's why it's important for you to check out this ACT system now…
BEFORE the shame, pain, and regrets happen…

The core foundation behind ACT is the simple methods and techniques to forcing -- or "tricking" -- one brain lobe (called the amygdale) from seizing you up like a scared bunny rabbit while sparking another part of your brain (your periaqueductal gray) into "taking action". Don't worry -- you won't need to memorize any biological terms. Shannon clearly explains and demonstrates -- step-by-step — these fascinating cutting-edge concepts and techniques. Here's just a taste of what you'll discover:

  • A simple "visualization" secret that forces your brain from "victim" to "predator" mode. Use this trick to suddenly turn the tables on ANY attacker in seconds -- putting YOU in command.
  • How speaking certain "action" words out loud will actually "trigger" your own brain to respond from shock to decisive action. Shannon gives you the key words that work best for complete elimination of "brain-freeze". Weird stuff -- but the results are nothing short of amazing.
  • An easy "Internal Strike Count" that will focus your mind like a laser beam -- stopping you from committing the biggest mistake that even experience fighters make.
  • A simple "under fire" drill that will bury Shannon's simple fight tricks deep into the "gross motor" parts your brain for instant recall under ANY conditions.
  • The "10-second" rule and why it's critical that you use it in all confrontations -- no matter how innocent they first appear.
  • The easy method to "hardwiring" a devastating counterattack. Your opponent will be shocked at how "ready" you are — you won't be taken by surprise again!
  • An easy step-by-step breakdown of the "levels" of violence at how to take absolute control under each level. Your attacker won't know what hit him!
  • Plus… Shannon has developed a super-simple system of "gross motor" responses to an attack. That means they're all based on the natural reflexes already in your body and expertly designed to work with the way your brain functions under stress.

Unlike every other martial "arts" — these tactics strip away the fancy-dancy nonsense and get right down to ending the fight in seconds. You'll discover secrets like:

  • A "flinch-driven" cover trick to instantly protect you from a sucker punch. It's a simple twist on your own primitive reflexes -- and it really works! You won't forget this one!
  • A simple "push-pull" action that effectively DOUBLES your striking power. Using this one secret — even "little guys" can deliver devastating knock-out blows.
  • An easy "ballistic disengagement" -- perfect for buying extra time to add space… deal with multiple opponents… or simply plan an escape route. Your choice!
  • Astonishingly effective "defensive blocks" for the most common strikes you'll encounter. You'll be absolutely untouchable and ready to counter attack.
  • Why turning or backing away from a "haymaker" punch is the stupidest thing you could do. Follow Shannon's simple defensive rules and you'll quickly be able to deal with this -- and 99% of all other strikes.
  • The secrets to striking from an "unattached" and "attached" position using devastating straight-line palm strikes, elbows, knees and foot stomps. Bam-bam… one, two, three… fights over… and you're the one walking away.
  • An easy "stepping in" trick to adding massive raw power to your "circular" strikes. When your attacker wakes up he'll swear you hit him with a baseball bat.
  • The one simple head-clinch that allows you to 100% dominate and control your opponent. Lock down your elbows and with very little pressure he'll be in a painful "human vice" -- impossible to break away until YOU decide.
  • An innocent-looking "conversational stance" that guarantees your ready for action when threatened. He won't have a clue how much danger he's in.
  • Numerous ingenious "quick releases and escapes -- making it nearly impossible for anyone of any size to hang onto you.
  • And more… a LOT more. How to take advantage of an attacker's "weak link" using a cool little "can opener" move… a simple rotating strike to instantly release his choke… brutal palm strikes and "finger releases" that instantly deliver blinding pain… devastatingly brutal pre-emptive strikes… and more. Way too much to cover here.

Look… Shannon is handing you -- practically on a silver platter — the shortest and easiest way to total self-respect… confidence… and security. Take it while you can.

So here's what you need to do immediately: Click on the order button below...

Believe me, if you've ever dreamed of suddenly having the skills and knowledge to walk the street in total security -- knowing you can "take care of business" if need be — then you'll be like a kid in candy store when you get this.

If you're not completely thrilled with this package for ANY reason… even NO reason… just send it back and I'll make sure you're refunded EVERY PENNY of your purchase price. No questions asked and no hassles either.




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