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Mace Pepper Spray

Superior formula of high-grade OC mace pepper spray is designed to make the eyes slam shut, causes uncontrollable coughing and choking, plus a painful burning sensation.
Attractive leather-like mace pepper spray model fits easily in pocket or purse.
Attractive hard Key Case mace pepper spray model fits easily in pocket or purse.
The Pepper Spray Mace Baton provides low profile, yet devastatingly effective aerosol protection against attack. Great personal protection.


Pepper Spray can not be shipped to New York or out of the USA

View: Pepper Spray Laws

Shipping is FREE (Continental USA orders only) if you order a minimum of $75.00 from our web site. Otherwise we will add $8.50 shipping and handling.


Mace Leatherette Pepper Spray
Leatherette Holsters

Mace Michigan Approved Pepper Spray
Michigan Formulations

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Mace Hardcase Pepper Spray
Hard Key Case Models

Mace Triple Action Pepper Spray
Mace Triple Action

Mace Pepper Spray Baton
Mace Pepper Batons

Mace Pepper Foam Pepper Spray
Mace 10% Pepper Foam

Mace Pepper Gard Pepper Spray
Mace 10% Pepper Guard

Mace Pepper Gel Pepper Spray
Mace Pepper Gel

Mace Walking Weight Pepper Spray
Mace Hot Walkers Weights

pepper spray gun
Mace Pepper Spray Gun


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