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Home Protection Safety Tips

Always remember, intruders will always look for the most vulnerable way to get to what they want. Doors are an excellent target. Begin with a home "security" check. Start with the front door and work clockwise around the entire inside of your home, finishing with the back yard, fence and shrubs, gates and garage. Shrubbery should never block the view of your front door. This allows an intruder the opportunity of privacy to gain entrance. A wide angle viewer in the door lets you know your visitor in advance. This item is recommended over a chain lock. Read other safety tips below.

  • Install quality dead-bolt locks on all exterior doors and use them.
  • A small chain between the door and doorjamb is not very secure. It can be easily broken and defeated.
  • Windows left open for ventilation should not be capable of being opened far enough for entry.
  • Install a wide-angle door viewer on all exterior doors.
  • Do not use your full name on your mailbox, in the telephone directory, or on your answering machine.
  • Minimize the amount of landscaping, shrubbery or other plant growth near windows,doorways, walkways or other possible areas of concealment.
  • Have lights at all entrances to the home. Exterior lights – designed for security purposes– should be either activated by motion detector or controlled by a photoelectric cell.
  • Do not leave a schedule of your times away from home on your answering machine or discussed amongst people you do not trust.
  • Before opening an exterior door to the home, know who is at the door, and do not open the door to an unexpected visitor.
  • You can use a simple magnetic door alarm to alert you if someone breaks open a door while you at home.
  • With sliding glass doors a pin through the frame, a locking device or door brace in the track will help prevent the door from being opened from the outside.
  • Security cameras can be costly, but prices have come down over the years, check into a lost cost surveillance system for your home.
  • Do not hide extra keys near an entryway. Criminals are good at finding them.
  • Ask for photo identification of utility or repair persons. If you are suspicious or did not call for this service, always call to verify employment before opening your door.homepers

  • Never give personal information to telephone solicitors.
  • Consider creating a “safe room” within the house. This is often the master bedroom This room should have a solid door, strong locks and not be easily accessible from the outside. Consider keeping a cellular phone in this room.
  • Do not permit strangers into the home to use the telephone. If you want to help a stranger, offer to make the call for them.
  • When a package is delivered, ask that the parcel be left outside the door. Receipts that require signature can be slipped under the door.
  • Children should be trained not to open the home door for strangers.
  • Engrave all of your valuable property. Keep a record of serial numbers of valuable property. Photograph or videotape valuables, A digital camera is particularly good for this purpose. Keep photographs or videotapes of valuables and their serial numbers in a safe or a safe-deposit box. Consider getting a diversion safe for hiding valuables.
  • Whenever moving into a new residence, have all exterior door locks re-keyed.
  • Particularly at night, keep blinds and curtains closed. If possible, leave lights on in two or more rooms to indicate a presence.

Citizen Patrol

  • Get to know your neighbors and discuss concerns and ideas to improve security in your neighborhood.
  • Join or start a Citizen Patrol group as a method of organizing a network of people interested in working together to improve neighborhood security.
  • Exchange work and vacation schedules with a trusted neighbor so that you can keep an eye on each other’s home.
  • Immediately report any inoperative exterior neighborhood lighting.

Apartments and Condominiums

  • Always lock the doors to common areas and garages.
  • Never use a laundry room alone or late at night. Do your laundry during the day, preferably when other known persons are in the room.



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