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Striking-Close Combat DVD

st-1-2“98-Pounds Soaking Wet
and Scared For My life...
I Still Managed
a 1-Strike TKO On
the Menacing Thug!”

Picture yourself face-to-face with some perverted bad-ass brandishing a knife! High on drugs and hungry for his next “meal,” he’s like all of today’s scum who think nothing of grabbing your wallet, purse, or car, then... snuffing your LIFE... just for kicks!


Shipping is FREE (Continental USA orders only) if you order a minimum of $75.00 from our web site. Otherwise we will add $8.50 shipping and handling.


Trapped in this situation, even the most highly-trained individuals surprisingly resort to ineffective and useless punching and kicking... skills they learned... as a kid! Now Master Close-Combat instructor Tim Larkin’s new Striking DVD series gives you the edge. Going far beyond “punching and kicking” it shows how, regardless or your size or strength, you can generate 3.5X your bodyweight in force, then use it as a battering ram against him. Suddenly he fears YOU! Instead of punching him, you break his ribs. Instead of kicking him, you rupture his kidney. Instead of twisting his wrist, you drop your entire mass on it, splintering it. You go from a point-scoring fencer to a juggernaut of destruction! After this easy-to-master, wickedly-effective system, you’ll possess a sense of power unlike anything you've known before. Fear melts from your body. You’re free to go wherever, whenever, knowing YOU have the edge in a violent confrontation. Striking includes 4 DVDs: 2 cover system Principles, 2 give you 47 different application techniques. There’s also a manual and live teleconference invitation where Larkin and his Instructors discuss the system. You get a full 365 days to test the entire program, proving to yourself it’s exactly as described.

 ST-1 $197.00


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