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U.S. Navy SEAL Unarmed Combat Instructor Reveals Amazing Combat Proven Fighting System!

...Especially Effective If You Are Surprised,
Out-numbered Or Just Caught In A Situation Where Everything Is Screwed Up!


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This may be the most important message you ever read...

These new skills were specifically designed for situations where top soldiers suddenly found themselves without a gun or even a pocket knife... possibly wounded... surprised by ambush... out-numbered... and with the violence around them reaching the point of life and death! In short, a situation where everything was completely screwed up! A situation much like you might find in the street, where you suddenly found yourself...

Completely Cut Off From Safety
And Facing The Most Deadly Attacker(s) You Could Imagine!

This is truly neat stuff. It's about as brutally-advanced as you can get in "desperation" unarmed fighting skills-the kind you would need, say, if you were attacked in a parking lot after a wedding reception... dressed in your best suit, completely taken by surprise, and forced to protect yourself and your family without a second to think. In a situation where you absolutely had to win to survive! Just seeing this new system will...

MULTIPLY Your Ability To Control And Dominate
ANY Violent Situation You're In!

Over the past few years, at least four different branches of the U.S. military-acting completely on their own-adopted utterly new and astonishingly-deadly hand-to-hand fighting systems. In each case, high-ranking members of these special branches searched (sometimes for years) for a style that would meet the special demands of their soldiers. They had a great "pool" of talent to seach in, too-since they had access to the most experienced warriors in modern times.

None of the systems now used by our elite forces are "classic" martial arts. Some are a "hybrid" of styles, using selected moves from each of the most effective styles. I discovered it was common for the teachers of these new fighting techniques to "borrow" from the deadliest and most powerful forms of Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do... Thai kick boxing... Filipino jungle fighting... and plain old "no rules" street fighting.

What's going on here is amazing: Fighting tactics and moves that "regular" people have never even heard about are now being used by the military's Special Forces... because of the incredible effectiveness and "instant" domination they offer.

Now, through inside contacts, we have been able to find many of the people responsible for creating and teaching the "extra" super-effective hand-to-hand fighting systems used by these soldiers and Spec Op agents. This unique style is amazingly different... and it's crucial that you get to see it.

But here's the "kicker": YOU are in the unique position of being able to learn not just some modern fighting system... but to get "hands on" experience that will allow you to...

Learn The Fighting Skills Developed Exclusively For
The Elite U.S. Navy SEALS!

This is not a situation you can take for granted - it runs against the "grain" of people in the "industry" to let the public know what they know. In all cases, what finally swayed them was the argument that normal civilians are actually in danger 24 hours a day from a wild, uncontrolled criminal element that gets more merciless every second. We need this crucial fighting information-to defend ourselves, to protect our families, to take back our streets and learn to...

Never Walk In Fear Again Anywhere In The United States!

This amazing system was created to meet some very basic "common denominators":

  • The skills must be able to be learned quickly and remembered "viscerally". That means you can go through the moves a few times and "feel" them in your body... so when you need to use them, they just re-happen naturally, without thinking.
  • The system must be easy to use. There are never any "hard to master" moves, such as spinning head kicks, which require lots of time to master and lots more time to maintain.
  • Minimal athletic ability is required. Yes, our soldiers are very much in shape-but the truth is, any time they find themselves in hand-to-hand combat, something has gone seriously wrong, because their primary method of fighting is with weapons. So the hand-to-hand system must be easy for them to use even if they are wounded... exhausted... surprised... in cramped spaces... or with their back to the wall.
  • Finally, each move must have a "High Consistency of Success". That means each system has been stripped of any move that is not 100% efficient. There is no nonsense, no roundhouse punches, no leaping kicks, no James Bond-style "karate chops". Just simple, straight-ahead fighting techniques that can instantly drop a meaner, bigger and more skilled opponent... and end the fight. (This makes the systems incredibly easy to learn in a very short time-sometimes overnight-even if you've never been in a fight before in your life!)
  • Have you heard about Frank Cucci's brutally-effective Functional Fighting Techniques?

Frank is a pioneer in developing new, simplified hand-to-hand fighting systems for the Navy SEALS. His credentials are mind-boggling: 12 years as a Navy SEAL himself (including four years in SEAL Team Six, the most elite division in the SEALS -the guys who always get the juiciest and toughest assignments. First in, last out. This is the toughest SEAL team to get into, and has unusual freedom in performing actions in the field, because of their unusual success in "black bag" operations.). He's the Chief Instructor of the Naval Special Warfare Unarmed Combat Course offered to SEALS. He's so respected as a fighter because he learned his skills through the teachings of famous Jeet Kune Do master Dan Inosanto (Bruce Lee's training partner) and equally famous Thai boxing master Surachai Sirisute. (These are the "heaviest" names in full-contact martial arts today.)

But Frank's real worth as an instructor comes from his "in the trenches" experience - where he continued to combine and refine his fighting skills in actual combat. (He saw active duty in nearly every recent U.S. war and engagement .) What worked, stayed. What failed, was left out. Twelve years of this made him...

One Of The Most Respected (And Feared)
Unarmed Fighters In The Military!

This is the NEXT STEP for anyone who wants to learn all the different advanced skills available. And if you are honestly interested in learning how to defend yourself (and your loved ones) with the easiest, simplest, and yet most deadly (as approved by the U.S. military) methods available today-especially when faced with the worst possible conditions-then you absolutely must see this video. The production crew took Frank Cucci out to a San Diego studio and filmed him for hours and hours on videotape-teaching his entire "basic" course. Then they "distilled" everything down to the most effective (fastest to learn) lessons. There are 2 whole hours of incredible stuff on these tapes. And they spent a lot of time and money to make sure the quality of the presentation was super-good: Using four cameras for multiple views (top, level, reverse)-which is a view, you should know, that not even professional soldiers get during a live demonstration. That means you get a front-row, best-seat-in-the-house view at all times, so there are never any "grey areas" in your learning. You see it all... and you get to rewind and see it again at your leisure.




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