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Gladiator Fighting System

Take All Your Complicated Oriental Martial Arts Systems And Throw Them Out The Window.

They're All Hopelessly Obsolete!


Shipping is FREE (Continental USA orders only) if you order a minimum of $75.00 from our web site. Otherwise we will add $8.50 shipping and handling.


Amazing "New" (Re-Discovered) Fighting System Used By The Gladiators In Ancient Rome Is Super-Easy To Learn And MEGA-Easy To Use - And It Kicks Butt On Every Other Martial Art Ever Created. It Even Beats Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do

It's true! There's a fighting system you've probably never heard about before that actually BEATS all the "Oriental" martial arts ever developed-hands down!

It's the "lost" (but recently re-discovered) fighting style that was used by the gladiators of ancient Rome back in the time of Julius Caesar! These guys fought to the death every day of their lives - so they had to have a fighting method that would really work under actual "mortal combat" circumstances. And the system they developed is unlike anything you've ever seen or trained in before. And get this: It's known as "Comhrac Bás" - a Gaelic term that means.

"Death Fighting"!

You won't believe your eyes when you see what you can do with "Comhrac Bás" fighting techniques. You can take everything you've ever learned in the martial arts and throw it out the window. Comhrac Bás makes everything else OBSOLETE!

Christophe Clugston's all-new "Comhrac Bas" contains hyper-advanced "upper level" vicious and amazing fighting skills.

You've Never Seen Fighting Techniques
Like These Before In Your Life!

Comhrac Bas is sending shock waves among the "insiders" of the fighting world because of the revelation of a hyper-devastating, easy-to-learn and all-new fighting system that is perfect for both professionals... and for "average guys". Comhrac Bas covers the really nasty stuff that will jettison you overnight into the world of the most elite fighters on the planet

But what's even more amazing... everything has been broken down to such simple basics, you can learn it all almost immediately!

You don't need to be strong, or skilled in fighting (or even have any fighting experience at all).

These are the simplest fight-ending techniques you could ever learn. Every move is devastating beyond belief - this isn't "injure to degree", or "slap-and-run" self defense... these are the first real fighting secrets I've seen where you can actually simply watch them performed...

And Then Use Them With Complete Confidence!

You see, what Chris has discovered is something no other fighter on the planet has found out yet... the basic POWER-LOADED physics of "indirect" fighting. It's true, honest science... and despite being so simple, this new style can be directly traced to how the most insanely-vicious (and victorious) animals in the wild fight. Have you ever seen footage of a tiger taking down a Cape Buffalo in India? It's the equivalent of a 120 lb. man dropping a pissed-off 350 lb. Sumo wrestler.

That's The Kind Of POWER
You Are About To Experience Yourself!

Traditional martial arts aren't vicious enough for modern day fighting!

When you see what Chris has for you in these new ADVANCED FIGHTING videos, you'll understand that this is, truly, the NEXT STEP in hand-to-hand combat. It's the first NEW approach to "instant win" fighting since Bruce Lee died. It's a huge "shift" in thinking. (And publicly saying he's gone where Bruce left off is like painting a target on his back for every "tradition-bound" fighter out there -- but Chris doesn't care. Chris fears no man.)

Compared to other Oriental martial arts, this one is.

The Easiest and Most Effective Fighting Method Ever!

If you've been training in the "Oriental" martial arts for any length of time, you already know what their "root problem" is: They're very complicated and take years of painful effort and dedication to master. And even then, they require your attacker to also use an Oriental martial art (preferably the same one you're familiar with) so you can use the moves you've been practicing!

Well, in the real world, it just doesn't happen that way! As most Oriental martial arts "experts" will tell you ( IF they've ever been in a real life-threatening fight- most have not), they simply never got the chance to use all those fancy moves they spent so much time learning and perfecting in the dojo.

That's pathetic! In fact, it's not uncommon for these martial arts "masters" to get the snot beat out of them by some crackhead who's trying to rob them for $10! The painful lesson that we all have to admit is simply this: The Oriental martial arts (yes, even Bruce Lee's "Jeet Kune Do") typically DO NOT WORK for the average guy in real life!

What makes Comhrac Bás so unique?

It's simple: It's based on REALITY, not fantasy! It uses only what really works in real fights-and it stops there! It doesn't even pretend to get fancy or sophisticated!

As a result, it doesn't lend itself to having "schools" or "degrees" or "belts" or any of that other stuff that drives the martial arts industry. It can be learned in 3 days, not 3 years. So obviously, no one is going to get rich teaching it like they do with the Oriental martial arts - where you end up paying thousands of dollars to some "master" and you have to be his "student" for life!

It's a "cut-the-crap," down-and-dirty fighting method designed to defeat your opponent in the easiest way possible -even under the worst conditions imaginable.




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