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Secrets of Cage Fighting DVD

Why Are Bigger, Stronger, Taller And Meaner Thugs Absolutely Terrified Of Challenging This Mild, Middle-Aged (And UNDEFEATED) No-Rules Cage Fighter?


Shipping is FREE (Continental USA orders only) if you order a minimum of $75.00 from our web site. Otherwise we will add $8.50 shipping and handling.


It's because his amazing new "simple and vicious" streetfighting system - perfected in illegal (felony) no-rules "pit" fights -allows you to instantly dominate and humiliate even experienced black-belt opponents... no matter how over-matched you are in size, strength or skill. The fight is over before he can blink.

You can learn it almost overnight, even if you're out-of-shape and have no previous fighting skills at all...

If you want to learn how to fight very quickly ... with an astonishing "short set" of viciously- simple secrets that will allow you to step up to any fighter, of any size and skill level, and instantly introduce him to a new world of pain and fear ... then read on.

This will change your life ... and the way you walk the earth, forever.

Here's why: The closest you will ever get to a real streetfight or combat situation is in the illegal no-rules "cage" and "pit" fights staged in underground arenas around the world. The only real difference is... in the street or battlefield, you can run away. In the cage...

There's No Place To Run!

Cage fights are bloody messes, and the losers often end up permanently crippled. In the cage, you either win... or you lose. Period.

Enter... Tom Proctor.

Out of nowhere, this unassuming guy is undefeated (17-0) in both legal cage fights (with the International Sport Combat Federation), and illegal "pit" fights (put on by private money). All in the heavyweight division.

But here's the kicker: Tom is 45 years old, and about twenty pounds shy of actually being a heavyweight! By no means would you call Tom "big". Every opponent he faced in the cage outweighed him from 40 to 120 pounds or more (of solid muscle, mind you)... was taller by up to 8 inches... and all of them were young studs in their twenties. They were bigger (by far), younger and in their prime, and more experienced in no-rules fighting.

And here comes Tom into the cage - shorter, old as dirt, looking almost frail next to the heavyweight monsters he was to fight, showing none of the prowess these "real" fighters expected. They licked their chops...

And The Cage Door Slammed Shut!

Results: Tom put them all down. Fast.

And you know what Tom Proctor won for all his hard work? Not a single penny.
He never did it for the money.
He did it just to prove a simple point. He just wanted to let the world know there really is a
simple fighting system for average guys...

And NO ONE Can Beat It!

Tom's been aching for a chance to show guys like you what he can do for you. It's his mission -- to completely erase ALL the advantages that big, muscular, intensely-trained assholes have against normal guys. His single-minded goal is to make every bully, rapist, robber and thrill-seeking punk think twice before jumping a guy (or a woman) they "think" they can easily take.

Right now is when you...

Finally Learn To Fight For REAL!

The key to Tom's fighting art is its simplicity. There is no intense training, no long months of practice required. The few skills you learn (quickly) easily adapt to any situation, against any kind of fighter.
This is the ONLY set of fighting skills you'll ever need to win in hand-to-hand combat with another man. This is life-changing stuff. This will turn dangerous situations into playtime for you.

In just one short lesson, Tom will show you:

  • How to create a protective shield that will NOT ALLOW any fighter to come close to striking you at any time! (The Muay Thai kickboxers who faced Tom call it " voodoo " defense because they are so amazed they can't penetrate it ... but it's really just a simple secret - easily mastered once you know what to do -- of redirecting incoming energy.)
  • How to quickly make a strong opponent weak! (You'll see his "will to fight" rush out of him like a punctured balloon, while he just exhausts himself with frustration and rage... turning him into a nice soft punching bag for you, no matter how big and angry he was to start.)
  • And... how to quickly open up a skilled attacker, knock him down and finish him off in seconds! ( All the options are yours... and he goes down when you decide to take him down!)
  • What's more... what you learn from Tom will " fuse " together seamlessly with any fighting skills you already have! (Unlike all other martial arts, where you must forget everything you know to learn new styles.)
    It doesn't matter what your
    current skill level is... or what kind of shape you're in. Rookie or experienced fighter... this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn a few simple skills that will allow you to take on any fighter, anywhere , under any circumstances .
    It doesn't matter how confident you are with your current skills... once you know these secrets, you'll finally have the kind of fearless nerve that quiets a room when you walk in. People can smell this kind of confidence on you... and they give you a wide berth.

We've NEVER seen anything like this. It's like having a " voodoo shield " (as the Muay Thai kickboxers called it) that protects you from being hit even by a trained boxer or black belt... and you'll especially love knowing the secrets of instantly demolishing bigger opponents, no matter how overmatched you are "on paper".




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